Four Corners Veterinary Hospital is an AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) certified hospital, which mandates much stricter medical and management standards than state licensing requires, and involves recertification every 3 years.  As an AAHA certified hospital, we hold ourselves to a higher standard, as pets are our passion, and keeping them healthy is our #1 priority. We strive to deliver excellent care for pets because they deserve nothing less!  To become accredited, companion animal hospitals voluntarily undergo regular comprehensive evaluations by AAHA veterinary experts who evaluate the practice on approximately 900 standards of veterinary care.  To learn more about AAHA, please visit


Dr.’s Kubicka, Becker, Campbell, and Scharg have many years of experience in dog and cat surgery, internal medicine, and dentistry, and they work closely with one another in case management to provide seamless veterinary care for your pet. Dr. Becker also has many years of experience with rabbits and other small mammals in the fields of dentistry, surgery, and internal medicine, and she collaborates with UC Davis as well as local specialists to provide the best medical care for these patients.


The doctors and staff of Four Corners Veterinary Hospital work closely with a network of board certified specialists, and strive to provide the best medical care for your pet(s) with a gentle touch.


What should I do in an Emergency?

Please call 925-685-0512 and state that you have an emergency. Our dedicated staff will direct you to receive the most immediate care for your pet. After hours, call SAGE Veterinary Services at 925-627-7243, or East Bay Veterinary Specialists at 925-937-5001 for assistance.


How do I schedule my first visit?

Please call 925-685-0512 or email our office at for an appointment with any of our doctors.

Registration and medical history forms are available on the Forms page of this website, and can be completed in advance. Please bring these completed forms with you for your first appointment.

For your first visit, please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment time, to allow time to register you and your pet(s).

Who should come to my pet’s first visit?

If at all possible, we ask that the primary care giver be present for you pets first visit. During your appointment, we will review medical procedures with you, as well as treatments needed for follow up home care. We often discuss preventive medical care during the appointment, and we may demonstrate techniques for you to make the home care easier. If your pet’s primary caregiver is directly involved, together we can create the most effective team to care for your pet.

We welcome families, as we understand that the best medical care comes from 100% family participation. We have a child friendly activity table in the waiting room for reading and coloring, and we will engage your whole family while discussing your pet’s needs during the appointment. While we do make every effort to include your whole family in our medical discussions, occasionally a medical discussion regarding your pet can be emotionally stressful, which could become upsetting for younger family members. We can help you to be aware of this situation, and make arrangements to continue our discussion in private, if needed.


Where is your Hospital located? 

Our office is located at the corner of Oak Grove and Treat Boulevard in Concord, towards the back of the Oak Grove Plaza Shopping Center. For directions to our hospital, please click here.


Is there a separate area in the waiting room for dogs and cats? What about small mammals and birds?

For the safety of your pet and others, we ask that you keep your pet on a short leash or in a covered carrier when visiting our Hospital. The area to the left of the Aquarium is generally designated for smaller pets, as it is a bit quieter. If you have a dog on a leash, please be aware that the smaller animals in carriers may be frightened by a dog approaching. We recommend that dog owners be aware and sensitive to the needs of the smaller patients and maintain control of your pet at all times.


How long will the appointment take?

We schedule 30 minutes for each appointment. If we need to collect blood samples, take x-rays, fill prescriptions, or coordinate preventive health care discussions for you with one of our staff members, this can add up to an hour to your scheduled appointment time. We do our best to stay on schedule, but emergencies and critical cases can put us behind. Please be aware that if your pet is afraid and needs extra time to calm down or if an emergency arises, tests and procedures can take longer than expected. Please let us know if you are under any time constraint. We make every effort to coordinate with your schedule, and keep you informed regarding the amount of time we will need to give your pet the care he/she needs. There are convenient shops and restaurants within easy walking distance of our hospital, which we encourage you to take advantage of if we need to keep your pet for a short while.


 What do I need to bring to my pets first appointment?

As mentioned earlier, if you would like, please bring a completed client registration form and medical history form from our website, if possible. We have blank forms at the Hospital for you to complete as an alternative. Also, please bring a copy of any available medical records for your pet. If your pet has been to another veterinary hospital, please fax, bring, or email a copy of his/her medical record, including vaccination history, blood tests, x-rays, ultrasound reports, and any biopsy reports you may have for your pet.  Records may also be emailed to our office, or faxed to 925-685-7152.


If my pet is on medication, should I give the medication on the day of their visit?

If your pet is on medication, the medication should be given according to schedule.


How do I acquire prescription refills?

If your pet requires a prescription refill, please call or email our office at 925-685-0512. Please allow 24 hours for medications to be refilled. If your prescription is filled through our online pharmacy, Our Pet’s Rx, please submit the request through the internet pharmacy website, at Our Pets Rx, and the prescription will be refilled, if authorized, within 24 hours.


How do I cancel an appointment?

If you need to cancel a scheduled appointment, please call our office. You may leave a voice mail message in the general mailbox if it is after hours. Please provide at least 24 hour notice when cancelling an appointment. If you have an emergency and cannot make your appointment, we understand that the unexpected can happen. If however, you need to reschedule for non-emergency reasons, we ask for your consideration to provide 24 hour notice when cancelling an appointment. A cancellation fee may be billed for any missed appointments.


What is your payment policy?

Payment is required at the time services are rendered. We accept personal checks, debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and cash. Financing is available through Care Credit, for more information visit


 What do I need to do to prepare for my pet’s Annual Exam visit?

Please bring a list of all the things your pet normally eats (including treats) to your pet’s annual exam appointment.  If your pet received vaccines from any place other than our hospital, please bring proof, so we can update your pet’s records.  Please also bring a fecal sample.  It is important to have your pet’s stool checked for parasites annually, as intestinal parasites can easily be contracted through contaminated grass, soil and water.  Some of the parasites our pets carry can also be passed on to people, which is another reason why we recommend having your pet checked annually for parasites.


What do I need to know to prepare my pet for follow up visits involving diagnostic tests, such as blood test, x-rays, or ultrasounds?

Blood tests: If your pet is coming in for a blood test, please ask us whether or not your pet needs to be fasted prior to the test. If your pet is taking medication for a thyroid, seizure, or heart problem, make sure you schedule the blood test for the correct time after the pill was given; we will advise you as to the optimal time for blood testing, after you administer your pet’s medication. If your pet is diabetic, we will give you specific instructions on insulin dosing and feeding, prior to testing.

Urine and fecal tests: Urine testing is often performed for pets with possible urinary tract or kidney problems; urine tests are also part of many annual wellness panels. The urine is collected directly from the bladder at our office. If a urine sample is needed, it is very helpful if your pet arrives with a full bladder. For dogs, it is very helpful if the pet is carried in (or walked to and from the car quickly) so that he/she doesn’t urinate in the yard or parking lot.

Fecal testing is usually performed annually and for pets with diarrhea. Please bring a sample with you in these cases, if possible. The sample should be less than 24 hours old and placed in a sealed container and refrigerated so it does not dry out.


What do I need to know if I am bringing my pet in for surgery?

All Species: If your pet is on medication, the medication should be given according to schedule, unless your veterinarian has advised differently. If your pet is diabetic, please ask your veterinarian for feeding and insulin dosing instructions.

Dogs & Cats: Please make sure your pet has no food after 8 pm the night before the procedure; water should not be withheld.

Rabbits, Guinea pigs, chinchillas, birds, and reptiles: fasting is not recommended, provide food and water as normal. It is also helpful if you bring some food for your pet to eat after surgery.