Our History

Opened in 1956 by Dr. Lawrence Procter in sunny Concord, California, Four Corners Veterinary Hospital was designed to be a “Macro” hospital in a “Micro” space. The original hospital included a reception room, private office, one examination room, a laboratory, a surgery room, a kitchen, a bedroom, a bath and a darkroom. As a revolutionary hospital for its time, Four Corners was built with a mobile X-ray and a shower-lift. At 2,400 square feet, the hospital had 22 cages, 4 wards and was staffed with one doctor and one nurse. People from all around came to visit the brand new, state of the art hospital. One family in particular, the Neubarths, were our first clients and are still clients today!

Dr. Robert Luebke purchased Four Corners Veterinary Hospital from Dr. Proctor in 1961. Dr. James Wilson joined him as a partner in 1979. In 1980, Dr. Joan Schaeffler joined the partnership and introduced avian medicine to the hospital. Dr. Laura Becker joined the partnership in 1984, when Dr. Luebke retired from veterinary medicine. Dr. Wilson left private practice at Four Corners Veterinary Hospital to begin his teaching career in 1987. Two years later, in 1989, Dr. Terry Kubicka joined the team as a partner. Dr. Schaeffler retired from veterinary medicine in 1995, and Dr. Becker and Dr. Kubicka have remained partners ever since. Each doctor has a profound impact on the hospital and contributed a great deal to it’s phenomenal history.

There have been many great associate veterinarians at Four Corners Veterinary Hospital over the years. Dr. Koski, Dr. Pierce, Dr. Ivey, Dr. Walters and now Dr. Scharg and Dr. Campbell, have all participated in making Four Corners the exceptional hospital it is today. Thanks to the combined expertise of the doctors and staff over the years, Four Corners Veterinary Hospital continues to excel in modern medicine while encouraging the importance of the human-animal bond.

In September of 2012, after 56 years at the original location, the hospital relocated to just 6 minutes up the road. The new state of the art hospital provides a more patient friendly facility, improved parking and more than double the square footage. The new location has specific rooms for individual species, separated dog and cat wards, an isolation ward and a comfort room for quiet heart felt discussions. The new hospital has allowed the caring staff to continue giving the best medical care possible. We look forward to serving our clients and community for years to come!