iStock_000000370521XSmallFour Corners Veterinary Hospital is one of the Bay Area’s premier hospitals for small mammalian pets. Our hospital is recommended by the Bay Area House Rabbit Society. Our small mammal veterinarian is Dr. Becker.

Our patients include rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, ferrets, hamsters, rats and mice.

Our hospital is fully equipped with state of the art equipment for hospitalizing and treating small mammals. Our nursing staff has considerable experience in handling and nursing ferrets, rabbits, and rodents – this ensures that ill and stressed pets are treated with maximum gentleness and efficiency, with the minimal possible stress.

Our Small Mammal Services Include:

  • Wellness, including physical examination, dental examination, nutrition consultation, routine blood monitoring, and vaccination for ferrets
  • Dentistry with state of the art rabbit and rodent dental instrumentation
  • Hospitalization in a climate controlled environment, with oxygen if needed.
  • Radiography, Ultrasound
  • Anesthesia and Surgery
  • Microchipping