Ashleigh has always had a love for animals and this is why she joined the Four Corners team in November 2008. She kept herself very busy by volunteering at the Oakland VCC hospital and doing an internship at the Oakland zoo after attending college at Sonoma State University. Ashleigh did her internship with the Animal Management Department and worked closely with the Sun Bears and the Siamangs. She graduated from Sonoma State University with a bachelors in Zoology. At Four Corners Veterinary Hospital, one of Ashleigh’s strong skills is patient care. She likes the diversity she sees every day with the different patients and people who come through the door. She really enjoys the challenging cases and solving them with a positive outcome! In her free time, Ashleigh loves baking, cooking, and solving puzzles. Ashleigh has one cat, Priscilla, and enjoys coming up with different ways to provide her with enrichment. Away from home, Ashleigh enjoys traveling to the Point Reyes area and exploring new areas.

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