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Topping the charts as our longest employed Registered Veterinary Technician is Kimberly Martinez! From 1978 to 1979, Kimberly worked for NASA Ames Research as an assistant in the lab on the Visual Vestibular Project. In 1979 to 1981, she worked in lab supervision for United Emergency Animal Clinic. In June of 1979, Kimberly received an Associates of Science in Animal Science at Foothill Junior College. Kimberly joined Four Corners Veterinary Hospital in 1981 and has accomplished leaps and bounds since then! She was a guest speaker for many events including the entering class students at Foothill Junior College, the CCCVMA Christmas Meeting and the CC4C and ARF rescues, teaching participants on the importance of raising orphan animals. Kimberly taught Vet Assistants at Loma Vista Adult Education and actually wrote the original program. Along with Dr. Becker, Kimberly ran the Pet Information and Disaster booth for the Meadow Homes Association Block Party. In 2010 Kimberly was honored for her talent and lifelong dedication to the veterinary patient, client and hospital by being awarded Veterinary Technician of the year. Kimberly loves working in the lab and internal medicine at Four Corners and her specialty is pain management. She goes home at the end of the day with greatest satisfaction knowing she made someone’s life better. In her time away from Four Corners, Kimberly enjoys quilting, cooking and caring for her 25 Orchids as well as spending time with her husband Randy, four children, John, Andrew, Susan and Ryan, her one cat, Trinity, Golden Retriever Holly, and her bird Tweety. Four Corners Veterinary Hospital is forever grateful for Kimberly’s continued dedication to the animals!