Laura L. Becker, D.V.M.

smiling vet

As a partner of Four Corners Veterinary Hospital since 1984, Dr. Laura Becker has been fortunate to know and serve many long term clients, and to care for the medical needs of multiple generations of their pets. This experience has been heightened by the great teamwork with talented staff members, some of whom have been with Four Corners for many years.  Dr Becker has helped to develop some unique and beneficial patient care services at Four Corners Veterinary Hospital as a result of teamwork and collaboration between the doctors, staff, and clients. In her own words,

I am invigorated by our client’s deep bonds with their pets, and blessed to have the opportunity to work in this field. I thrive on the medical challenges, and I am excited by the benefits that we as a hospital can offer to our clients and their pets, not only through our medical management of disease, but also through our client education programs, especially in behavior and pain management. It is a joy to work with such a skilled team of animal care providers at Four Corners Veterinary Hospital”

Dr Becker is a 1980 graduate of the Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine. During veterinary school she developed her special interest in avian and exotic pet medicine, and she studied with Dr Ted Lafeber (a forerunners in avian pet medicine). More recently, she has focused her medical practice in the areas of small mammal medicine (rabbits, guinea pigs, and small rodents) and internal medicine of dogs and cats.  She is also skilled in the areas of dentistry, surgery, geriatric, and behavior medicine. Dr Becker is passionate about veterinary medicine and very dedicated to her patients’ well-being.

Dr. Becker’s family consists of her husband, Dr. Joel Parrott, her 2 adult children, Tyler and Lindsey, their Princess parrot, Erwin, and their “Heinz 57” dog, Lucky. Aside from her work in  veterinary medicine, Dr. Becker also enjoys hiking, camping, reading, outdoor sports, and community work.  A long standing resident of Oakland, she served on the Oakland Animal Shelter Commission from 1995-2000.