Stephanie joined the Four Corners Veterinary family in November 2007 and has been excelling in animal behavior ever since! Stephanie graduated from the University of California, Davis with a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Biology with an emphasis in Behavior in 2012. She also completed several internships at the School of Veterinary Medicine. Stephanie became certified in Low Stress Handling in 2014 as well as the course, Living and Learning with Animals by Susan Freedman. She then went on to become a Certified Trainer from the Karen Pryor Academy in August of 2015 and did volunteer work at the UC Davis Behavior Service. Due to her extensive background in animal behavior, Stephanie has helped develop an Animal Behavior Modification teaching program at Four Corners for the staff as well as the clients. Her strong ambition to improve animal’s lives through positive training, has made this strength of hers shine through her work at the Hospital. Stephanie really enjoys getting to know the clients and their pets. In assisting them, she gets to know the animals on a personal level and it really brings her joy knowing she can help improve their lives. When Stephanie isn’t living and breathing animal behavior at work and school, she still continues it at home in her personal life. She loves to read all about animal behavior and work closely with her two dogs, Sheldon and Lady and her cat Achilles. She may even have a trick or two for her Leopard gecko Captain Jack! Aside from them, Stephanie also enjoys spending free time with her husband Nick. Stephanie is always open to answering any questions our clients may have on animal behavior!